Ben was attacked yesterday by a large grey dog, a weimaraner I think. I had him on a lead in the local country park when it walked up to us off the lead, its owners shouting it back, it did not look aggressive but immediately went for him, picking him up to its head height and shaking him like a rag doll, It was all over in seconds.
I took him to the emergency vets immediately, he has a tiny puncture wound to his right ear, a large puncture 1/2" to his back and is sore all over especially to his back which is very bruised.
Today he is hiding under furniture and obviously very sore and more worryingly not eating or drinking, I usually work mornings but have taken the day off to look after him, I hope that I can coax him to eat but I have just opened a can of dog food and he would not touch it, he usually gets dry food and sees canned food as something tasty.