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I was really confused and nervous about proper socialization too. I wasn't sure how to go about it without putting my puppy at risk, but we tried to take Sonny to various family and friend's houses and we let him play with adult dogs that we knew were fully vaccinated. And I would say puppy preschool was the most important! I would highly recommend it! We didn't start until Sonny was 11 weeks old, but I wish we would have started as soon as we got him at 9 weeks. I really noticed a difference in the way Sonny interacted with dogs, our cat and people after his classes.
Is it okay to start puppy preschool before all the vaccinations are completed? I would have thought to avoid that type of situation just like walks until the shots were done.
Sorry for all the questions - I'm turning into a nervous wreck trying to make sure I'm prepared for my puppy in a few weeks!