Star had her appt at Dovecotes with the neurologist there and we decided to scan her due to her having had a couple of pain episodes.

My little girl got all upset when the vet took her away and we had to leave her.

Anyway, the results were good sm/cm wise. Since she had her last MRI almost 3 years ago turns out it has not got any worse.. if anything he says it looks like it has improved slightly !! Then he went on to tell me that the pain episodes Star has been having, the sudden yelping, is due to her having a slipped disc!! He showed me where it was on the scan and said it doesn't require surgery yet. She has to have absolute rest though, no jumping up onto sofas, beds etc, no walking only on the lead in the garden to go toilet so she is in her crate at the moment. Feel so sorry for her as she is used to being with us on the sofa etc but can't risk her making it worse. He said it may hopefully get better of it's own accord if she does rest it totally but if she experiences any more pain in the next 4 weeks to phone him. She also has glue ear (can't remember the proper term he used)

So I'm overjoyed that the sm hasn't got any worse since she was first diagnosed but breaks my heart that she is suffering with a slipped disc. No idea how she got it.