Hi everyone,

For the last 6 weeks my cavy is suffering from terrible itching and it seems to be all over her body. As she was diagnosed with sm this year i was very concerned it may be
related to that so i took her straight to my vets. After a check up i was told her skin is very pink and suspected some sort of allergy and there were no signs of fleas or mites.
So we tried a course of steroids for a week, and then the itching came back. My cavy was then given a strong injection, which i was told would work for 2 week and it did.
I hate seeing her like this she is biting her feet and scratching her tummy and it is pink again.
So i am back to the vets tomorrow, i know with some sm affected dogs they tend to itch there heads and necks but she has never done this yet!
So i am not sure if it related to the sm? Its horrible having a dog with sm as since finding out she the condition i constantly check for worsening signs or any symptoms she
has like the itching automatically assume its related to the sm. My vet tends to think it isn't related but has no idea what is causing it?
So i was wondering if anyone else who has a cavy with sm has experienced this? I was also wondering if the gabapentine that she takes could be cause also?
As i have read it can cause dry skin, but she has been on it for quite a while now already so would of thought it would of come up before now.
Anyway i will see what happens tomorrow at the vets and see what they think this is.
Thanks for reading
sally and a itchy cavy ( pumpkin)