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Jasper arrived to us 2 days ago and its like he has been here forever. This is our first fostering experience and we have struck gold. He is a pure pet, no hassle at all and we will find it hard to see him leave. (only for circumstances he would be here forever) We have 3 small kids and he is not bothered in the slightest by them, he also has fallen in love with our own King Charles and they are the best of buds. Jasper will be perfect for a family with kids or for an elderly person who is looking for companionship. He is a house dog and does not like being left outside. He also enjoys his walks. This is a dog with the most gentle personality and we call his 'the bear' as he is more huggable then other King Charles. Whatever family gets Jasper will fall in love with him the minute he lands - he deserves an amazing 'forever home'.
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