My Belle and Bobby are really good dogs. They get along quite well, they're not best buds, but respect, and I would like to think, love each other. Lately, Belle has been trying to initiate play with Bobby and he's just not interested. He would rather look out the window at birds. She tried initiating play tonight and he snarled at her, she kinda snarled back (thinking it was play) and then he walked off... Belle proceeded to her sulking corner and wouldn't come around to anyone. I am worried because sometimes I think Belle seems depressed. Bobby will play fetch with me and Belle just goes to her bed to lay down. They are totally opposite personalities, Belle is quiet, cuddly, loving and gentle where Bobby is playful, barky and anxious.

What do you think? Those of you with multiple dog households, what are your dogs like together? Are they best buds, licking each others faces clean and all that or do they just tolerate each other?