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Thread: Lyra, you're a constellation.

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    Default Lyra, you're a constellation.

    I got my Cavalier baby 3 weeks ago, she's now 5.5 months old and her name is Lyra (after the heroine from the His Dark Materials trilogy). She's doing pretty well, she's very attached to me, even from the beginning! Quite the change from my older dog, Cadence who is velcro, but loves everyone and will gladly say hi to strangers. Lyra is more reserved with strangers and dogs she's never met. She loves Cadence though, and will follow him around, and looks to him for guidance. He however, is still feeling really ambivalent about having her around... on one hand, he loves having someone to play with, but he's also really jealous of her. He growls at her sometimes when she comes near me, so we're working on that.

    We've been having some potty troubles as well... in her previous home, she was trained to do her business on potty pads, but I am a fan of only letting the dogs do their business outside. She never did get a hang of pooping on the potty pads, and always pooped at random spots inside the house. I've been letting her outside a lot everyday just to let her pee/poop outside, but she's still 50/50 on pooping. She's been good about peeing outside. Any ideas on how to remedy this? (Been giving her praise and treats whenever she poops outside)

    Anyway, here are some pictures of her!

    From the breeder, at a couple of weeks & 8 weeks:

    Lyra's in the middle.

    On the right.

    I love this photo.. she's the one with the eyes closed:

    I always think it's like she's saying "pleaaasseee give me a home??"

    Playing with her "brother", Cadence the Papillon:

    Sleeping on my bed.

    Token shot of Cadence, because he was my first baby =)

    Best shot of all:
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