Hi, I am new here. I have two cavaliers of advanced years (almost 11 and 13+). The younger, Patches, was diagnosed with a heart murmur aged 6 and his is worse than his elder sister's. Have just recently had him Xrayed due to a 'phlegmy' cough and of course, he has the enlarged heart of MVD. We've started on meds. What my vet doesn't seem to be able to explain is the choking during eating phenomena. My cavs have both been on the same kibble type stuff for years with no problems. Recently, first Patches, then Lainey (who has earlier signs of MVD) started choking on their meals. I'm not talking the cavalier soft palette snort. I'm talking food stuck in the throat, stick finger down to clear it type choking. My first step was separating them to try to prevent them inhaling their food. Second step was getting bigger biscuits to promote more chewing and less swallowing. That seemed to work well for a bit. Wondering if I should moisten their food to make it mushy? (They are getting kangaroo meat as well, but soggy carrots in gravy could add nutrients and soften the biscuits/rice).
1) Has anyone experienced this choking with cavs with MVD?
2) Any solutions you can suggest?