Now that everything is starting to settle down here, I have a few questions to ask you guys.

Misty is now on Gabapentin 100mg three times daily. She will have been on it two weeks on Monday, however, she doesn't seems to be acting any different. Her head rubbing and scratching is just as bad. Should I be seeing an improvement in these symptoms? Her head rubbing symptoms are the worst of the two, she can badger me to rub her head for her at times. She likes me doing her ears, the top of her head, across her eyes and round her neck, and while I do it she gives out little groans.

She is only on the Gabapentin, as Allison(Neuro) said her clinical symptoms aren't that bad, but is there anything that your furbies are on that has helped head rubbing? Or is it something we just have to live with. It's just, I worry that she is sore when she is doing this, but Allison said that they don't know why SM dogs head rub.

The other thing is I spoke to AXA about claiming for her Gabapentin, and they said claims can take 3 -5 weeks to process, but she's going to need a new prescription every 4 weeks. Do those of you that have insurance claim off of it for your SM meds, or do you get a prescription and try and buy it cheap on-line?