My male cavalier is over one year old, and has not had an accident in the house in over 5 months. He is fine in his crate overnight as long as I don't put a blanket or bed in there with him... but anytime I put anything soft in the crate, he treats it like a diaper. He'll actually pee on a towel and then snuggle up on it afterwards. This is strange I think? He'll pee in the crate even if I take him out right before bed and wake up early to take him out... He has never peed in the crate without something in there to soak it up so I know it's not a bladder problem.

Usually I don't put anything soft in the crate, but now that we're heading into winter, I'm worried that my little guy might get cold at night! Lately we've been letting him sleep in the bed with us, but I worry that if he'll pee in his own little crate, he might pee in the bed too.

Any ideas why he wouldn't have any accidents in the house but pees in his crate?!?