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Thread: Adorable & Affordable Spaniel bowls & Raised Spaniel bowls for Cavaliers with SM

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    Default Adorable & Affordable Spaniel bowls & Raised Spaniel bowls for Cavaliers with SM

    I just found this ADORABLE Spaniel bowl on Etsy for get this ... $25!! I can't wait for it to arrive

    The artist makes custom spaniel bowls for just $30. I have 2 other spaniel bowls from other artists and never found a price nearly so great, so I wanted to share with you all! This is the link to the artists shop:

    For today and tomorrow only, she is also selling RAISED spaniel bowls for only $25. These are custom bowls and you work with her to choose the colors and patterns. These bowls were designed especially for Cavaliers because raised bowls can be more comfortable for dogs with SM. These are normally $40 - still a good deal, but $25 is a steal.

    Here's an example:

    The artist will be on Etsy tomorrow from 11 am - 3 pm EDT. She's in the US (west coast). She'll be able to respond quickly to emails during this time to answer any questions you have about size, color, the process, shipping, etc.

    I'm not sure if she ships to the UK, but you could ask. Shipping might be pricey though as these are heavy ceramic bowls.

    Here's an example of some other bowls she has done, including another cute spaniel bowl

    I just wanted to share because I know these bowls can be really pricey and hard to find at such a great price. The raised Spaniel bowls are also really unique (I've never seen them before) and a great idea for dogs with SM.
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