I had my beloved Blue put to sleep last night, over the weekend he had become steadily more ataxic, bashing into things & falling over. His appetite was still good but he was a shadow of his former self, he didn't want to play, just slept all the time. His front legs were like spaghetti & his back legs weren't brilliant. he had a bad collapse yesterday afternoon, i caught him in my arms and cradled him, he licked my hand over and over again and looked at me, I knew the time had come. He had been such a brave lad and fought so hard, i think he was just worn out & tired. I am blessed with a wonderful, caring vet who made it as easy as she could for us. i shall miss him so much. Good luck to you all in your fight against this truly horrible condition, i hope all your research pats off and you can help your wonderful breed of dog for future generations . xx