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Mel, you might try teaching Leo to 'watch' to get him past any schnauzers. This is where the pigginess of Cavaliers works for us! Start at home teaching Leo to watch your hand, which hides a tasty treat. If he watches, he gets it. Progress to out of doors, extending the distance he has to watch your hand before he gets the treat. Oliver dislikes staffies, especially black or black and white ones (he's been attacked from behind several times), but I can get him past them if I see them in time by telling him to 'watch me' - and the tasty little piece of sausage in my hand - and he will walk past them with his head turned away looking at me. It's a very useful command to get dogs past anything you don't want them to notice (like muddy ponds, cats in front gardens, etc). Aled does it as well and when they're on their coupler we have a sort of synchronised heelwork, with both of them walking close at the left gazing up at me (or rather the sausage)! If I'm really on the look-out, they'll do it off-lead as well, although Oliver is fine with staffies off-lead in the park, because he knows if there's trouble he can run.

Kate, Oliver and Aled
Great advice. This is what I do with mine and is the very first thing I teach from when they are puppies, the watch me command. At Obedience or even agility if they lose concentration I just say watch me and their concentration focuses on me again.