Is anyone's beloved pooch on Prednisolone?

Misty has been on it for a fortnight now, as a trial, to see if it helps with her SM scratching. She started on five days of two, five of one and then she was to be cut to one every other day. I really feel there was an improvement on the two a day, and I thought I saw it continue into the one a day. Once we started our one every other day the scratching/head rubbing returned, so our Neuro decided to put her back on the one a day, which we've been on again since Monday. The scratching is less, but still there, so I don't know if we may need to go back up to two a day

The big problem is the side effects, she drinks lots now, which we cope with just fine, however, she is hungry all the time. She's driving me crazy wanting fed. She sits under the cat food, and cries/howls, she's scratching the cupboard door, but worst of all, as soon as she is awake in the morning she wants fed. It doesn't matter what time it is, she scratches the cupboard door or the babygate crying. Ignoring her behaviour isn't working, she's very persistant, I'm so tired this morning.

I came back home at four yesterday to find her on the kitchen table! She could have been up there for a couple of hours, she couldn't get back down as she can't/wont jump off high things due to her SM. Luckily there wasn't any fruit in the fruit bowl, but she was eyeing up the cat food on the worktop, but the gap was too big for her to have jumped.

We've been adding veg into her meals, but it's just not working. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions