When Daisy went to see GS for her mri in August he made the comment she has no
clinical sign of pain and to me after observing her really all the time ,like most of us ,Daisy
is still the same Daisy she was last year and even the year before .She is no on Zitac but
as I said before she acts exactly the same as when she wasnt on it .So the only suspicious
indication of SM is her occasional scratching which is really not that often .I noticed Murphys
vet pescibed pred to lessen the scratching so my question is,is scratching anything to worry
about provided theres no sign of pain or any other problems ,it doesnt seem to bother Daisy
or me and I certainly dont want her on any further medication until really needed. So
if she just has the odd scratch without any sign of pain or other discomfort shall I just
leave her to it or even have a scratch myself,