Wow, it's been almost a year since I posted about my Little Harry, I was afraid we were inches away from that big decision we all dread.. Thankfully he made a recovery after a few days and I have been blessed with him for another year. He has been very happy and I have been closely monitoring his quality of life. However, now I'm stuck..

It's now Tuesday AM. On Saturday Harry vomited 4 times a yellow and very frothy substance. On sunday - nothing. Yesterday morning he vomited the same again according to my dad. He is drooling a lot and I have been wiping his mouth when I spot it hanging out. He is also smacking his lips a lot and doing this sort of sharp inhalation for about 5 seconds. I have heard his doing this before but only when he has eaten his food to quickly. When he breathes he sounds like he has a phlegmy throat.

I took him to his vet who just said its a side effect from MVD and to monitor him. Well I felt I already knew that.. but he didn't give much more advice.

Can anyone please help or share any experiences??