Just a quick update and a question. Took Sydney to the cardiologist yesterday for his checkup. All in all we are very pleased that he is still doing well. There is no coughing, lungs and abdomen are clear and his heart rate is also good. His appetite is great. Yeah! this is all good news.

Anyway the one concern is that he has lost another pound. This is 4 pounds in the last 3 months. He has lost a lot of muscle mass and she suggested I give him more dry food. I've cut back some on the dry as his teeth are bad and he has a hard time eating, but I supplement his dry food with a premium wet food with nice chunks of chicken or beef or lamb.

After fighting the battle of the bulge with him for years, I now have to add food! Any suggestions on what to give that would still be healthy but help with lost muscle? I'm already giving him extra protein.