I am back at the vets with Harley (if I get an appointment tomorrow) about his ears.

As some of you know Harley was diagnosed with mild SM about 2 month ago this was because of lameness he had for about 1 month that suddenly disappeared not because of scratching.

I am frustrated as even after all the visits to vets and Clare Rusbridge I donít really have an answer about his ear scratching. It started when he was about 4-5 month old. The first two times he got ear drops and they helped, thatís why I never thought of SM. Back then it seems to happen every 6 month now itís about every 3 month. Last year he had his ear flushed and he also had a ruptured eardrum. Around the time he had his MRI in August he was scratching again but wouldnít let the vet look into his ears so I ask if he could look when he was under anaesthetic, and they found that his ear drum was ruptured again. After antibiotics it cleared and no scratching His MRi showed that he has not got PSOM. Now 3 month on he is scratching again. Clare suggested trying him on Lyrica for a month and if it stops the scratching it must be the SM. I am not too sure as it normally stops after he had antibiotics and then recurs after a few months. I got so many questions nobody can give me a proper answer too. He also had ear swabs done and they were ok. Would he scratch with SM only every few month?

I know SM is not straight forward but I am starting to tare my own hair out.

Any thoughts are very welcome.