I have started a new post as it also involves Ebony.

Took Harley to the vets tonight and surprisingly Harley let the vet have a good look into his ear. Well no smell no discharge no infection no debris and the ear drum is intact. So as Clare Rusbridge suggested the vet has put Harley on Lyrica. My vet also mentioned that the person that created the original MRI report mentioned that there was evidence of PSOM but Clare disagreed with that report and said there was no evidence of PSOM. PSOM would certainly explain his funny scratching and when the eardrum bursts the scratching stops. Would Lyrica stop his scratching IF it would be PSOM? My gut feeling is telling me it is PSOM. Should the vet do an ear flush? I am at a loss as I hate to see him in discomfort, there are too many uncertainties. Saying that he has also started scratching at his side (not neck more tummy area) so has Ebony. First I thought it could be something else and I have been racking my brain but I have not changed their food no different washing powder had their glands emptied. Ebony has also started rubbing her head on the floor a lot more and she rolls around on the floor using her paws to wipe her face and this is the third time she has scratched her eye. It normally happens in the morning and at night. Ebony has not got SM but CM and Clare said that these signs could be related to painful CM. So the vet has put Ebony on Trocoxil and this tablet is only given monthly. Has anybody got any experience with this drug?

I know so many people are going through the same thing on this forum. I must honestly say it is scaring me. Until now my two were only on Zitac, two month later they are on pain medicine. It was great to have two month of them being happy but now they are in discomfort and pain again. Two month ago I cried so much then finally we returned to some normality now I am back at the beginning.