Just has a shock of a lifetime. The online pharmacy vetmedsdirect just phoned me as I enquired about Zitac and Lyrica yesterday. Zitac was a good price at 35 pence a tablet, my vet charges £1.30 a tablet. Lyrica with vetmedsdirect is £2.75 a tablet. The lady told me that they pay £2 a tablet and they make 75 pence profit. Well I made a little deal with my vet yesterday to get the medication from him and he claims it direct from my insurance, but I think I have to rethink that because god knows what the vet is going to charge me a tablet. He had to order it and it takes about 8 days so he couldnít tell me the price yesterday. If I buy Harleys medication from m the vet it would nearly cost me £5000 a year.

I know there are a few people on this forum with dogs that take Lyrica. Could you please tell me where you get it from and how much you pay? You can PM me if you donít want to talk about it on here.