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Thread: Shock The Price of Lyrica

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabby View Post
    Does the insurance except a normal receipt from Tescos?
    Yes they kindly photocopy the prescription for me and also stamp it with the date dispensed and I send that and a tesco receipt to my insurance company.
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    and people have the cheek to complain at the cost of scanning their breeding dogs once when the cost of treating actual Sm is so high.

    I nearly had a heart attack when the place that mri'd my sisters dog charged 75 for less than a months supply of gabapentin ( and she's not insured) also have the prospect of another two needing meds, we've just took on two rescue sisters ( cousins of above) the flea's have gone but the scratching hasn't. i've got them insured but wether the company will pay out is a different matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandrac View Post
    At Discover Dogs I was talking to a lady who has a Cavalier with SM and she works for Pfizer (manufacturers of Lyrica) . I asked her if she knew whether or not it was coming off licence anytime soon, she said unfortunately not for quite some time. I cheekily asked her if she got staff discount and she said No regretably she didnt. So folks its of no use trying to get a job with them.

    As far as I can discover, the patent for Lyrica currently expires in October 2013, and that would be the earliest that a generic version of Lyrica could become available - so hopefully not TOO much longer.
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