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Thread: New Year New Start

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    Great news....Scooby will never be forgotten but the new little puppy will brighten your lives and keep you busy
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    Quote Originally Posted by smarsden99 View Post
    Hi Everyone,

    As you know I lost my soulmate Scooby beginning of October to MVD and its been a painful experience but I know he is at peace now and he is in my heart forever.

    Myself and my family I decided we have room in our family for another cavalier and we have decided to get a puppy in the new year , I have put a deposit on a puppy who will be coming to live with us hopefully in January 2012, he has come for a responsible breeder and the bitch and dog have all the certificates including heart checks.

    I know its only been a few months since we lost Scooby but we have done alot of soul searching and know its time our family was complete again and I know in my heart Scooby wont mind.

    Scooby was and always will be my special little man but hopefully our new cavalier will bring us much happiness and love for years to come.

    Sharon XXX
    I am also delighted that you feel ready to love another special Cavalier. It is not disloyal to Scooby but an acknowledgement of how important he was and what a gap he has left in your family.

    Well done for searching out a responsible breeder that does all the health testing.
    Our little dogs need well educated buyers like you that will take time to search out and buy from good breeders that are genuinely trying to breed the healthiest puppies possible.

    There are still too many breeders that are breeding from cavaliers that are too young. Heart or MRI certificates do not mean much if the dog is tested when they are still under two and a half years old.
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    I'm so excited for you and looking forward to meeting your new addition! No cavalier ever replaces another, but each one brings joy and companionship and that's what it's all about.
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    So pleased for you. Its a testament to scooby that he's made it too hard for you to not have a cavalier in your life.

    mel X
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