The weather change here seems to be affecting all the Cavaliers but Blitz the most. He was great last night and this morning... running and bouncing...then sudden a SM attack. He went to jump on the couch with a small toy in his mouth and midjump started yelping and tried to run off screaming The worst of it only lasted about 1 minute but he is still uncomfortable. At first I thought maybe he pulled something but now it's the neck scratching and pawing his head. Gave him an extra dose of meds. We have storms rolling in as I type so I know that's what is triggering it.

I can get him into the GP vet today but I'm not sure there is anything else to be done? She has been taking my recommendations on treatment. She does not know much about SM. She has Clares Treatment plan on the top of our file. She really don't know much about the condition. Right now he is on 100mg Gabapentin 3X a day + Cimetidine. I have Rimadyl for pain as needed. Our neurologist wont deal with us anymore unless we take him up there (10 hours of driving round trip). I feel terrible because the drive just is not possible at the moment. Our neurologist has been blunt that he really is not a medically treatable dog and surgery is his only hope. I really don't feel surgery is fair for him after the life he has had. Personally I'm not liking our neurologist and I have been dealing more with my GP vet. Most days Blitz is happy and playful... but every time a storm or cold front comes in he gets set off.

Should I request an increase in Gabapentin? Whenever he has a "bad" day I usually give him an extra dose (or two) if really needed. But on good days he is nearly symptom free of his current dose. The last month he has started having a lot more bad days but this last month we have had multiple cold fronts and storms coming in. Should we just increase the dose just when he is having a bad day? Or all the time? I'm starting to think I should increase the dose the day before a cold front or storms are expected to hit?

SM is so frustrating!

Just needed to vent... Some days I feel so helpless

My son taking over "Comforting Blitz" duty: