Toward the end of summer Bentley's coat seemed much thinner; in fact, I could faintly see the spotted pigment of his skin through the coat. Winter's now upon us here in Missouri and his coat has really thickened. BUT it seems to me he is shedding more than ever! My house is covered in 2" long white hairs and the filter of my dryer gets so full I could weave a carpet out of the stuff. My question is this: Can the trauma of pain cause more shedding? He had surgery this past Monday for Luxated Patella and had been in quite a bit of pain leading up to that. Prior to the surgery he was also biting at himself, pulling his hair out in little clumps. Now that he has had surgery and is wearing the protective "cone" that keeps him from bothering the incision this biting has stopped. This whole biting, scratching and shedding thing is driving me crazy.