Well, Mooby and I have been back to the vet a lot lately. After her TECABO we had a good run, about 4 months, without going to the vet which was HUGE for us. Now, all of a sudden, we've been 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Mooby just hasn't been herself lately, but I don't have many symptoms but she's down/depressed and isn't all that interested in her food (but she sure as heck doesn't want us to take it away). Aside from that she's been really intolerant to cold, trembling until I put a blanket or sweatshirt on her (we live in Los Angeles, not that cold here). She's also been making this very strange gag / retch / velociraptor type sound a couple times a day. We have video of it and have sent it to the vet, no one knows. They are doing a full blood panel on her, urinalysis, etc. but the vet mentioned he had seen a dog with SM do something like this. Anyone know if this is true? Or have you had experience with it?

Here's the meds she is on:
Ear drops