Hi All. I never have time to come on here--With working two jobs time is scarce. As you know I had knee replacement surgery the end of June and had a hard time and ended up having to have a manipulation done which was a blessing.

I finally got Abbey into a neuro yesterday and the news was not good but was not a shock either as I knew in my heart she's going down. She has changed so much this past year and some things hard to put in writing but a mom knows if you know what I mean. We were on a cruise over Thanksgiving and got home a week ago monday and thursday noticed her eye was not good and I guess we should have run her into the vet but figured I was taking her in on monday to UGA so played with time and that was a mistake. They are worried about her losing her eye--in fact the opth said she would have surgery at 3K but neuro has said they don't think she would survive it. Alot of tears the past 18 hrs. This is such an awful disease and it breaks my heart and tears are flowing as I type. Abbey is such a precious dog and is such a trooper for all that she has been through in her 8 years. She still is a happy dog but her limbs are getting weaker and weaker. I will keep updates on her as I feel her story is important and I will update my blog as soon as I'm able. Alot of people still e-mail me through the blog. Please keep her in your prayers. I have not asked the neuro how much time she believes she has but I doubt if she could answer that question. My heart is breaking and this is all I can write.