Sabby I am so sorry for you also and all the other people that are going through what we are. I used to be on here so much --meaning CT - but went back to work and still do hubby's books and I just don't have much time and I miss it in here. I never felt like I was on a time bomb until recently and Abbey was diagnosed almost 3 years ago at age 5. I work at a medical college now and the professors are shocked when they hear Abbey has sm. They all say they didn't know dogs could get it. Right now the worse thing for Abbey is the weakness in her limbs. They are weak and since this house has all hardwood floors it's very hard on her. She doesn't scream in pain or anything. Sure she scratches and rubs her head but not that often. When I had her at the neuro last week I told her it was hard to describe when I looked at her how I felt-like a spacey dog I guess. Again I am sorry you are going through what you are and you feel like you are on a time bomb but know that I'm right with ya.