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Thread: Introducing.......BELLA!

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    She is absolutely adorable! Welcome home Bella!

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    She's gorgeous!
    My little guy also scaled his pen at 7 weeks old. That was the last time we used the pen and Jessie is now a free range puppy.
    Create training is ideal for some, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. There are times I wish I had of taken the create training route,
    but we stand by our choice. We did weight up all the benefits, but in the end we chose not to use one. It's been a little trying at times,
    but nothing more than normal puppy hood and he's a pretty well behaved little guy to begin with so it's worked for us.

    We may try create training when we start a family though

    He still has his areas for his bowls and also his beds (we have two, one for the night and one for day naps), but he wanders the house, runs
    around and gets into puppy mischief, but it works for us. At night he has a bed in our bedroom and now sleeps all through the night and
    doesn't need to go to the potty. Even at bedtime, all we need to say is 'on your bed' and he trots off to the bedroom and now lays down on

    A lot is just all trial and error and what works for some you may find wont suit you.
    We too use the baby gate when needed, and apart from Jessie trying to chew his way through the bars, it works wonders.

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    Oh she's so cute, welcome Bella xx
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