Went to visit Lyra's breeder again over the weekend to get some lessons in show handling... But a couple of other people came along too, bringing their Cavaliers who are related to Lyra The dogs had a such a blast!

I absolutely adore this picture. It was such luck that I even managed to get it in the first place!

From left to right: Chloe - Simon - Lyra (they are from the same litter). At the back: Xaria, who is a couple of months older and is their half sister. She has earned 2 CCs and is 1 CC away from gaining her Ch title!

Chloe--she has so much more fur (ears, featherings, etc.) than Lyra already!

The tricolours: Adele the puppy and Dexter, the 8 month old on the right.

Lyra and Dexter.

Chloe. She looks so much like Lyra, sometimes I have to do a double take to figure out who is who in the pictures!


Lyra's momma, Laura. She pregnant and is due in January.

Lyra being chased by Jack.

From L-R: Halle, Phoenix (at the back), Elton, Dexter.

This is Elton, Lyra's dad!