Hi all. I was hoping to never have to make a post like this and still hope that maybe I'm being too ready to jump to conclusions, but I've been seeing some behavior in Bailey that is raising concern.

He is just shy of 5 months old now and hasn't been showing any signs of pain or discomfort. However, I've noticed, just in the past couple of days, that he's started bunny hopping a little bit when running around the house. It'll only be one or two, which will kind of stop him for a second, but then he'll go back to what he was doing. And it's not every time he runs. He's also never done it on lead. I've also noticed in the last week or so that there is one spot on his back that he keeps scratching. It's right at the center of his back and he'll alternate between craning his head around to bit at it and scratching it with his hind leg. I've checked the skin and there's no obvious irritation. I also don't feel anything untoward going on under the skin.

We have an appointment with the vet next week for a final round of vaccines. Is this something I should bring up to her? Should I raise it in the context of SM?