Below is an announcement shown on the Eastern Counties Breed Club website. I'm not sure how much cheaper than the 48 introductory rate the reduced rate may be, but as I am a member I have emailed to find out.

I presume that this has been offered to the other cavalier clubs, although there is nothing shown on other club websites as yet.

There has already been an offer of free tests to breeders but that had a poor response.
The KC is also rumoured to be sending out the offer of 400 free tests on a random basis, so hopefully the Animal Health Trust researchers will manage to establish how prevalent Dry Eye/Curly Coat and Episodic Falling Syndrome is in the cavalier population.

Both of these conditions are very distressing, so it is good to know that breeders are being given every chance to check their breeding dogs at a reasonable cost............

"We are delighted to announce that all Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Members are offered the opportunity to have reduced cost DNA testing for Dry Eye and Episodic falling, by the Animal Health Trust. All members need to do is call Maryann Hogan on 01462 670774 or email her on she will give them a code and they can go on-line to the AHT and put in the special code order the number of tests they want and only pay the reduced cost for each test.

This opportunity is only open for the month of January from 3rd through to 31st January 2012. The kits will be sent out directly to the members who will complete the inside cheek swab and return to the AHT who in turn will send the results to them directly. For those that are unable to go on-line and still want to test call Maryann at the above number and she will arrange to get the tests sent directly to you. Any problems give her a call. Don't miss this opportunity the prices go up in January."