Hi Guys. I need some input from you. My darling Buddy is 9 yrs. old and was diagnosed with CHF 10 months ago. The vet put him on Fortekor and Lasix, but the hacking cough from this got worse. Buddy was then put on Vetmedin 2 months ago. It doesn't seem to be helping any, and just in the past couple of days, I have noticed his tongue has a slightly bluish tinge at times. You wouldn't think anything was wrong with him apart from this, he is active ('tho a bit slower now), and has a terrific appetite etc. I cannot see my vet for another 3 days due to the Xmas break, but I am so worried about Buddy. The vet wouldn't give me a straight answer concerning his prognosis and life span chances (probably due to the fact that I lost my other wee Cavvie "Matey" last year and I was so heartbroken.) I need some honest answers and opinions...has anyone any 'info that would help, or has experienced this also? I would be sooooo grateful for any 'info at all...thank you in advance.