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Thread: Is it SM again?

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    Default Is it SM again?

    I don’t even know where to begin.

    Over Christmas with my husband at home we had a few more walks than usual.
    After I returned from our walk this afternoon, my three were more hyper then usual because we went around the lake where all the ducks are and this gets them even more exited.
    As soon as I sat down Ebony started stretching her back leg out like something was irritating her and I had a good look and there was nothing there but even when she was lying down she kept kicking her leg out all the time. As it is the left leg I knew it couldn’t be anything to do with the operation she had in April. As her paws where really muddy I gave her a quick shower, still I couldn’t find nothing. After she had her food she was scratching her legs like after when dogs have gone to the toilet. Then Harley started doing the same thing with his one back paw, it’s like the paw is gone into spasm. I checked his paw and nothing. I also gave him a quick shower and after he went rubbing his head and scratching his ear and neck like mad, never seen him do it that badly, he just woudn't stop. They are asleep now but Harley just jumped up and looked really worried and wanted a cuddle.

    The only thing I can think of is the extra walks with all that excitement and the bath has aggravated the SM with both of them as Rosie is absolutely fine. Ebony is only on Trocoxil and her next tablet is due 5th of January. I got the Lyrica for Harley but as he has not been scratching for a while and the Lyrica is to find out if the scratching is SM or something to do with his ears I have not given the Lyrica to him yet.

    Has anybody experienced their SM dog just kicking out the back leg continually even when lying down? Or things getting worse after more exercise than usual? Every week brings something new I am just so fed up with it all. I can’t stand seeing my babies like this.
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