A few questions pls

1) How often should Daisy go back to see her Cardiologist and Neurologist as a matter of course
2) As she was referred by her Vet to both Chestergates and North West Surgeons do we have to through
her Vets again or can we just now go straight to them as a pre-existing condition
3) As are now in a new insurance year with AXA and back to full cover do they deduct anther excess £75
off any further claims.
4) She has coughed 3x in two days so alarm bells are ringing I propose to make a Vet appointment for
tomorrow afternoon then phone NWSurgeons and see if Simon is available next Tues I am on hols till Wed
but will consider everything over the next 15 hours ,am I paranoid probaly yes .I really think it was just
something stuck in her throat and she was just having a little cough but I want to be prepared just in case
for Daisy's sake and mine .

I have reread all reports again for the tenth time and am thinking of dropping Zitac in favour of Tagament
which I believe is an improved version of Cimetidene anyway but not recognised by the BVA ,anyone any thoughts on this please.

And as I didnt really see eye to eye with her last neurologist have been reading up on Leahurst who have all the kit
needed for SM treatment MRI scanner ect neuro in charge Mr Peter Smith ,does anyone know him or seen him.