Kayleigh has been having a bad time over the last month, she was already on 50mg Zitac 3x daily, 100mg Gabapentin 3x daily. She was diagnosed by MRI with CM only, back in August.

She has been very subdued, crying sometimes in the morning when her Gabapentin is due - it only seems to last 6-7 hours overnight. She has bright times during the day, and a good appetite.

I spoke to my neurologist on 23rd Dec, she arranged for me to collect the Trocoxil on Christmas Eve from my vets, which was started on Christmas Day. We were unable to arrange laboratory tests [haematology and clinical chemistry] which are recommended before we started the drug, but we are planning to have them done next week - and then I think they need to be tested annually.

From what I've read people seem to observe different time periods before the drug takes effect - up to 2 weeks in some cases.

We're quite concerned tonight - she snapped at Tommy when he jumped up onto the sofa next to her, she grabbed him by the ear [ she would never normally do that]. She was quite bright earlier, got excited when I was trying to do some clicker training with her, she leaps around and barks if she can't work out what you want! Maybe she did too much? She went for a walk but only 20 mins and the wind had died down - it was a bit cold though.

We have been limiting her to 20 - 25 mins on the neuros instructions. We also haven't been taking her out if it's very cold or very windy. Going to keep her in for the next few days at least, until we see some improvement.

Such an emotional rollercoaster again just wanted to share with people who understood.