Hi Everyone,

Does anyone with an SM dog notice how sensitive they are under their front legs (what I call the arm pits)

Ruby has always been sensitve under there since a pup but yesterday she had a real scream day. We went for a walk and came across someone we knew- she went in for her usual fuss and as he was rubbing her belly he went for a scrumple under the leg and she really screamed.

Then we got to my parents for New Years and she went running up to my dad who went in for a cuddle and she screamed again

Then at my sisters later in the evening she went in for her usual Ruby cuddle where she gets her front paws round your neck and does a face plant but as my sister went to lift her legs off after being given a good wash she screamed again.

It seemed that yesterday was an overly sensitive day for her.

We are all very careful of where we touch Ruby and my family all know of how to pick her up so as not top hurt her but she was really bad yesterday!

Does anyone else have this issue with their Cavaliers?