It's nearly a year ago since my little Oscar died. He was only 2 years old. I was going away for Christmas and had organised to leave him with the pet sitter who I'd know & trusted since Oscar was 6 months old. When I arrived at the sitters house to collect Oscar and it was obvious something was wrong and I thought Oscar had run away. When the couple told me to sit down and quickly blurted out " Oscar's dead" I just couldn't comprehend what they were saying. Mr x went onto say that he'd let Oscar out of the house for his dinner at 4 pm and when he came back at 5pm he'd been mauled & killed by their 2 Rottweilers. I was in hysterics at this stage but asked how that could happen. I'd seen their area where they kept big dogs and it was completely fenced off from where the other dogs played. Mr x said that he fed the Rottweilers after he fed Oscar and "must have forgot to put the latch back on the gate". They told me not to look at the body and they'd bring it to the local vet. I was so distraught I just wanted to get out of there and I wasn't thinking straight. I rang the vet the following day and he confirmed he put down the 2 rottweilers and Oscar had been cremated. When the couple brought Oscar into the vets they left him with the nurse who didn't even ask the vet to look at Oscar. I asked the vet should I contact the RSPCA and explained what happened. He said the couple didn't indicate that they were running a boarding facility but that I should not contact the RSPCA as they wouldn't do anything. About a month later I recieved a postal order for the money I paid for Oscar as a pup. No note or anything from the couple. I thought I knew these people and my dog died in their care. Please be careful when you pick a place to leave your loved ones becuase when Oscar died I felt like I'd lost a child.