Thanks jld. I can't believe it's only been 4 days since she left us. It truly seems like eternity. I have looked at her pictures today and hubby has told me to stop and told me if he did it he'd be sobbing with me. I did love her so much. I love all my dogs but I must admit she really had a very large part of my heart. My vet wrote on sympathy card he sent us and wrote she had heart of a great dane and she truly did. My vet also wrote that we did everything we could for her but I find myself saying maybe I should have mri'd her again--maybe I should have done a spinal tap on her. You second guess yourself but deep down I truly do know I was a very good mommy and I had the best. I looked at a picture today of her this past March and she looked so good so that was very comforting as I get scared as when I finally faced reality maybe I waited too long but I don't think we did. I know she helped alot of people by her video and her blog and I know she will continue to do so. The house is not the same but I also know that is part of grieving and oh how we are grieving. I'm truly heartbroken. Sleeping with slleeping pills and taking antiacids from the fluttering of my stomach. SM sucks period.

I think we were more blessed to have her. She saved us in so many ways and I wouldn't trade one day of it even though we had many very hard days. She never complained and I don't think I did either. I just prayed alot for her and wanted the best. I only got her for about 7.5 years but oh how I cheerish those 7.5 years.