Hello everyone,I was wondering if anyone can explain this to me. My knowledge of genetics stopped at year 12 Biology where we learned about dominant and recessive genes, sex-linked recessive problems, co-dominance and dominant genes. I was looking up information about SM and how it is inherited and what I found was "autosomal dominant or recessive inheritance" from further reading I got the impression that autosomal inheritance means that genes can mutate when passed down to the next generation' but I do not understand how it could be dominant or recessive (the way it was worded suggested it could be either/or instead of 'this disease is a recessive disease'. One thing that did occur to me when I was reading was the idea of 'mutation' and SM being worse every generation. Is SM worse every generation because the genes that are passed down from the sire or bitch who already has SM mutate and the offspring then has a worse case of SM?