Hey all! So I am still in New York at the moment, but my husband is home with Brooklyn as of yesterday and he sent me some pics of Brooklyns front and back paws as she has had some issues with the paw pads while we have been gone. Our house sitters took Brooky to the vet and there was no bacteria or fungal infection...but they suspect some serious allergies (have been dealing with this for a while, but this is the first time her paw pads look like this)...however, I cannot really deal with anything with the vet until I get back so I thought I would just post the pics my hubby send me of her paw pads to see if you guys have any thoughts as to what this is or why it is happening. The vet is not really sure, but did say it is nothing serious but does need investigation when I get back.

She is not limping, but does want to itch it my hubby says. It looks a little yellow, cracky and flaky. He says it sorta looks like human eczema.

Here are pics....thoughts??

IMG-20120107-00075 by kelseykakes5, on Flickr

IMG-20120107-00073 by kelseykakes5, on Flickr

IMG-20120107-00072 by kelseykakes5, on Flickr