Hope this is ok to post. Beverley ask people to cross post. If she is involved it must be Genuine

Beverley Cuddy

Ok folks, very interesting telephone call earlier. Very high profile TV show wants to drill down on puppy farming. We need new and old cases of people who have bought farmed dogs that had lots of problems. Medical, behavioural, not growing up into what they were sold as etc etc etc. Either bought via retail outlets or online sites, meeting up in service stations etc. Any puppy scams considered. Please email me if you know of anyone who would take part and help expose this dreadful trade. Getting numbers and contacts together to send on tomorrow. Please cross post and encourage people with first person stories to contact me and tell their stories. Publicity is what this needs and people need to be brave and talk on camera. My email is beverley@dosgtodaymagazine.co.uk