As some of you know we have had a lot of anal gland issues with Molly (5 years) and Éowyn (3 years). Both have had two severe attacks of infected anal glands, the last time both of them had a huge abscess and needed 4 visits to the vet during two weeks. Besides their anal glands have been emptied at their regular vet visits. The two last times it coincided with our vacations, so we have had to cancel two prolonged "get-away-weekends" with a one day notice. The cancellation was the smallest of the problems of course, but in a few days time we are trying to go away again, so we thought we would get them checked, just in case.
It turned out to be a very good idea. Molly especially had a lot to get removed, the vet was quite concerned. We discussed the operation, as we have done so many times before, but this time she said it would get worse for them and would be a returning issue, unless we got them operated.

I read through all the posts with anal glands and discussions of operations, and I know that it is an absolutely last resort. But I think we have thought it through and discussed it thoroughly with their vets (they got a new one, when we moved 1½ year ago). We have tried many things; change of diet to more and more fibres, inspecting them regularly etc., but still it seems to come back. Christian and I had discussed it before, so we were prepared to do what the vet recommended.

So, now I have scheduled both of them for the 31st of January, and I am prepared to work at home that week it takes. The first night they will be at the vet, after that I can take them home, and they will wear cones until the stitch removal 8-10 days later.
As many of the questions here concerns the possibility of operation, I thought I would write a kind of diary in here, so you can follow the operation and the days after.