I dont know if anyne can help me with this query, I bought my puppy TK after doing alot of research and I really thought I had found a good breeder, I saw all the paperwork, saw the parents, all the scans etc etc, did everything right and to be fair to the breeder they did everything right on their part, however after having TK home for a couple of days I noticed that his eyes were wobbling, particually when looking in a certain direction and it did not do it all of the time. He was, as expected nervous, so I put it down to nerves to begin with, then after a week it still had not settled even though he seemed to be settling. I took him to my vet and discussed it with her and she was really worried. She didnt seem to know exactly what it was but that it probably wasnt good.

To cut a long story shot, TK is now nearly 5mths old, he is fully settled with us, no nerves now, however his eyes still wobble terrible, the vet still does not know what it really is, it does not seem to affect him in anyway, his eyesight seems fine, balance is fine, he is in no pain but none of us know why it is happening. She does not really want to do any invasive testing on him unless he displays some other type of symptom, so I am just wondering if anyone has ever experinced this or heard of it or know what it could be and if it is a precoursor to something more lifethreatening. The vet is thnking that it could possibly lead onto one of the life threatening problems that cavvys have but she is just really unsure, when she first examined him she suggested we had him put to sleep but there is no way I would do that, he is not in pain and whether he has 3 years with us or another 3 months I want him to enjoy it and I want to have it with him.