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Thread: Wobbling eyes

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    Can't help with the eye problem but just wanted to say that unfortunately even the best breeder can't guarantee a healthy puppy - in any breed, not just Cavaliers. I have a friend who is a really good and careful breeder of Cavaliers, but was devastated when one of her puppies developed a very serious eye problem and had to be put to sleep. Nothing hereditary, just bad luck. Buying carefully, as you did, can minimise the possibility of problems but unfortunately can't completely eradicate them. Hope you can sort the problem.

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    A trip to the neurologist is definitely called for. One of my dogs has pretty frequent periods of nystagmus associated with a damaged vestibular system from SM. She started with the nystagmus at a young age, but I had no idea what it was related to and put it off to a "quirk". It soon became associated with a head tilt and balance problems, and much further on down the road she was diagnosed with SM. I hope that is not the path for your little one, but I would say, get to a neurologist sooner rather than later. And welcome to CavalierTalk!!
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    I'd be alarmed at having a vet who would suggest putting down a dog when there's not even any diagnosis yet! In addition, there is a clear line of recommended testing for this symptom -- I don;t understand why she hasn't tried testing for things like hypothyroidism for example, or had him go for a scan etc. Personally -- I would get a new vet.

    The vet also should have suggested a referral to a neurologist, given that she does not know what this is, you are anxious to know what is going on, and your pup needs a diagnosis. A specialist can help give a diagnosis Or honestly -- a good vet should be able to, too... depending on the cause, but nystygmus isn't that rare. Again, it is beyond belief to me, that a vet professional would recommend euthenising a dog, especially a puppy, on what is right now, something that is causing no apparent disability or pain and that hasn't been diagnosed.

    So yes: you are absolutely right to start with seeing a neurologist to see what is going on.

    Regarding the breeder: Have you discussed this with them? Any caring and responsible, truly health focused breeder will urgently want to know that this is happening and such information would also be very important for them in making future breeding decisions. A good breeder will also want to be there and support you and will be anxious to know the diagnosis etc -- and may give some financial help (and you may have a contract entitllng you to financial help).

    Please let us know what a neurologist says. And don't overly worry until you know what you are dealing with. And get a new vet.
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