Pippin has been on phenobarbital 15mg twice daily for two and a half years and Vetmedin 125mg twice daily for 9 months.

Lately he seems to be always hungry and looks for his meals (half a cup of JWB kibble twice a day, topped with all bran in the morning) and treat (a bonio biscuit at mid day and a bite sze biscuit after a walk) earlier than usual.

He also looks for food in between meals, which he doesn't get!

He eats as much as my other two cavaliers even though they are bigger than him! They are all a good weight Gus and DJ are 8-8.5 kilo and Pippin is only 6-6.5 and has actually lost a few grams lately.

I only give the food stated above, with the odd treat of veg added to his evening meal, or banana, now and then.

I know when he started first on the phenobarbital he had an increase in appetite but lately he seems worse. He is due his annual check -up and blood test in April. I am wondering other than keeping an eye on his weight, to make sure he doesn't loose any more, should I be worried and get him checked sooner, and should I increase his food a little?