Thanks for the input everyone! Haha, yes I love her markings too. Her red spots really tickle me sometimes.

I definitely cannot see her ribs at all, but I can feel them easily. She is fit as a horse (much better than Cadence was as a puppy) and is a huge glutton. If I were to feed her whatever she wanted, she'd be extremely portly, LOL.

Thanks for that picture of Eowyn by the way! She looks exactly like Lyra, size wise.

Kate, I completely agree that so many people let their Cavaliers get way too heavy. Of all the Cavaliers I've met, only maybe 2 were slim and healthy. The rest... some could barely breathe after playing fetch because they were SO overweight. Even Lyra's litter sister is fat When I met her a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't see any waist on that dog at all; yet people were saying that she is in better shape than Lyra! I couldn't help but say "that dog is FAT. They need to be feeding her less".