Here we go again.

It seems that Trocoxil is not working for Ebony. The first month I saw improvement until the last week before her next tablet. After she had her next tablet she was great for one week, and now she is scratching again. Clare suggested taking her off the Trocoxil and putting her on Gabapentin and another NSAID. I can put her on gabapentin straight away but have to wait 1 month after the last dose of Trocoxil to give her another NSAID. She has always been ok on Previcox so I will try that if the gabapentin doesnít work by itself. I really hope I will get away with just giving her gabapentin as she would be on 5-6 tablets a day. God help her if she ever needs heart medication.

Some advise please as I donít want to email Clare yet again for just one question. Ebony has been on Trocoxil for 3 month would you do a blood test with her coming of Trocoxil now?