Ok so I am new, unexperienced and don't even have my Cavalier yet. I have been doing every bit of reading of everything I can on everything Cavalier related I can. Last night I was reading about the best time to nueter and after reading several articles on it I had a thought. Most likely a thought with no foundation at all but it came into my head anywway.

So apparently spaying and nuetering before the growth plates close can change the structure of the animal. Amung the changes noted was a more narrow skull. So I began to wonder if anyone had noticed any higher incodence of SM in either early spayed and nuetered or ones that are not. Not knowing more than I have read I had a couple of different thoughts while reading. One being that because they grow larger when done early it may be beneficial in reducing the chances of SM and then my other thought when reading that it narrowed the head was that maybe it made it worse.

Completely left field thoughts but thoughts just the same and thought I would see if anyone noticed a difference in the two.

I am a glass half full kind of gal so immediately thought oh, makes them grow larger so maybe something there. LOL