I feel ill even writing this, it's like I'm making it official but I just don't know what to do.
My oldest dog, Izzie, was supposed to be going to the vets tomorrow for a check up to get her spayed next week. Her seasons are coming quite close together (4-5 months apart) so they want to make sure she's not lactating/having a phantom beforehand. But I have another problem..

I think she has SM. When she was younger I took her to the vets to get her seem as she kept yelping when you touched her sides/lifted her up, the vets said it was more than likely she had bruised her chest (we run agility and she had had a fall) but he also mentioned there was a risk it was a sign of SM.
Recently though, symptoms have started to appear and be more frequent. She is scratching more or less all of the time (we checked for fleas, and have changed her food to attempt to help but nothing has helped) and now she's started yelping for no reason like something is hurting her, and biting her bum/back legs. She's became a much quieter dog and just doesn't have her spark anymore. I was planning on speaking with the vet tomorrow about it, but this morning has been bad for her - so we got an appointment for tonight instead.

Insurance wise we changed insurance at the start of this year to AXA Lifetime cover, but am I correct in saying she wouldn't be covered anyway because it's hereditary and the symptoms started when she was younger and not insured any. Either way she needs to be seen so we'll get by as best we can.

Can someone please tell me what kind of thing I'm looking to ask the vets or what type of thing they might tell me. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but I really do think this is the problem - so what is the protocol?

Thank you so much, from a very upset Amanda and Izzie