I was at the vet today as Bella has hemorrhagic gastroenteritis - again, and a lady brought her elderly cavalier in (she is 12 years old!). I said "Your dog looks very calm and happy" and she said that her dog was in about an infection in her eye. Anyway, I started talking about SM and she said she didn't know much about it so I told her about it. Since her dog had never had any symptoms of the disease I asked her about her breeder etc.

Also I was searching on an Australian forum and read this from a breeder:

"SM is not common is Australia"

This was amongst many other such ignorant statements.

It would be lovely to live in a country that does not have a high incidence of SM, however that is not reality for the CKCS owner. I believe Breeders here want us to believe this so that we don't request parent MRI tests and I think everyone else turns a blind eye and doesn't look into symptoms because they don't want to believe their family member has this disease or they can't be bothered paying for medication and tests.

Sorry if this is against the rules!